How Old is my Rolex? Rolex Serial Number Dating

The first thing everyone wants to know when purchasing a pre-owned Rolex is "How old is it?" Here at Plano Pawn Shop we use the serial number to date how old the timepiece is. It is as easy as 1-2-3!

How old is my Rolex? Using Rolex Serial Numbers to date your watch.

Why is the age of a Rolex important?

Why would you need to know or care to know the age of a Rolex important? There are a number of reasons why you should, but here are our top 3.

  • So you know the specs - Certain models had design changes during certain years.
  • So you know the scarcity - Only a few numbers of certain models were made during certain years.
  • So you don't overpay - Paying a late 90's price for an early 80's timepiece can break you.

How do you know the age of a Rolex?

Step 1.) Locate the Serial Number

Up until 2005, the 5-7 digit serial number was located on the case at the 6 o'clock between the lugs and under the bracelet. 

After 2005, Rolex began to engrave the serial number on the flange between the crystal and the dial at the 6 o'clock as well as the more traditional location between the lugs on the case.

In 2010, Rolex stopped engraving between the lugs, and used only the flange or "rehaut" on all models. At this point, Rolex also stopped the 7 digit serial number and migrated to the randomized 8 character serial number. 

Rolex Serial Number between the lugs Rolex rehaut serial number

Step 2.) Find your Serial Number on the chart below

Using the chart below, find your serial number.

Rolex Serial Number List

Step 3.) Find the Year of Manufacturing

Just to the right of the serial number will be the year your Rolex was manufactured. If your serial number is 8 characters including letters and numbers mixed throughout like: 1W234V56 your timepiece was manufactured after 2010.


That is it! Not too painful right? You now know why it is important to know the age of a Rolex and hopefully you were able to successfully serial date your Rolex timepiece.

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